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Review for: Cort JC67
Made in 1997
Purchase price of 229.00 USD
Rating: 5.0
Comments:I have been playing for about 16 years now. I also have a 1997 Am Std. Strat, 1989 Epiphone Sheraton, 1982 Ibanez X Series (Destroyer), early 1990s Squier Strat. Of all my guitars I think this is the best over all. I am happy with the purchase. Best guitar I've bought yet and a lot less money too. If it was lost or stolen I'd buy another. I'm thinking of buying another anyway because they are inexpensive and I'd like to get some Jazzmaster pickups installed in one and have Gibson P-90s installed in the other for a variety of surf and rockabilly tones. These are discontinued guitars so if I want one I should buy it soon but for now I have to save money so I really can't but wish I could. Nothing about this guitar I hate. I bought this guitar because when I saw the picture of it at last year I thought man this is a cool guitar. It had everything I wanted in a guitar - (in no particular order) P-90s, gaudy finish (gold sparkle), Bigsby, cool offset body, pearloid white pickguard. Now a year later I ordered one. Even though I saw it at I bought it from Victor Music because the guy running the shop seemed helpful on the phone and informative unlike I wanted this guitar because I wanted a unique guitar but a unique guitar that I liked. Not one that is unique just for the sake of it. I wanted a guitar that was "mine". I mean I like a lot of mainstream guitars like the Strat, ES-335, archtop electrics, Les Pauls too but I also wanted one that was unique and one that could be identified as mine. You know, like Billy Zoom and his Gretsch Sparkle Jet or Johnny Ramone and his Mosrite. I remember reading that Johnny Ramone picked the Mosrite because he thought it looked cool and unique. That he didn't want to play a Les Paul or Strat like everybody and his brother was playing at the time when he started playing guitar for The Ramones. I'm not a pro, just a hobbiest so you won't see me on MTV playing this but if I was a pro and played this guitar at least I could be identified playing a unique guitar. By the way when Billy Zoom started playing his Gretsch Sparkle Duo Jet noody in America was playing a Gretsch, especially a spakled guitar. He knew it was cool and he loved the tone. Well, this Cort is the guitar that is "mine". I will buy an ES-295 when I scrape the money together also. I also want to buy a DeArmond M75T too. I tried one and they sound great. The silver sparkle is nice and the single coil DeArmonds sound fabulous. I used to like P-90s best but I think the DeArmonds also are best - i.e, both sound great in their own right. I was surprised I bought a Cort because when I bought saw it I couldn't believe how cool it is. I thought "man, I'm gonna buy a Cort guitar". I thought I'd never do that. Well I'm happy with it. I have no regrets. I suggest you buy one but then again maybe not, leave some for me when I get the money together!!!!!! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Reviewer: James
Post Date:07/26/1999

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