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Review for: Carvin Bolt-T
Purchase price of 658 USD
Rating: 5.0
Comments:Overall, i can truthfully say that this is my favorite guitar of any, yes, ANY, guitar i have ever played. A friend of mine bought a PRS Custom 22 a little while ago, and while that is a great guitar, i can honestly say that my $650 Carvin plays just as well, if not better than, the PRS. His guitar also cost $2200 (on sale!), and he is pretty peeved that i got what i got for so little. I've been playing for about five years, and I seriously think i have found the guitar i'm going to stick with for the long haul. Of all the features I love on the guitar, i have to say the neck and ebony fretboard are probably my favorites....the playability is insane, and the fretboard is incredibly smooth, almost glass-like in its smoothness. The standard tung-oiled neck is also great. If this guitar were stolen, I would immediately pool my poor-college-student savings and get another one. Only thing I wish was better about Carvins is their resale value, but hell, I'm hoping to keep this guitar forever, so I don't think that will be a problem. If all goes well, my next guitar will be a Carvin SC90.....bravo Carvin, this is what a strat should have been all along. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Reviewer: Ben Lamberton
Post Date:11/27/1999

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