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Review for: Aria Pro II STG Series
Purchase price of 125 USD
Rating: 3.0
Comments:i've been playing for a half a year now. but i also own a Cort Bass, a custom built from scratch bass, and a Telestar Hollowbody. (my pride and joy! i rebuild it!)i wish i had gotten a few lessons on how to play guitar when i bought this. but all in all it's okay.if this thing were stolen, i would go out, and shoot that poop head with a large gun. this thing is my first guitar...i love favourite feature is the body. it's nice to sit down and rest your arm on. and my most hated feature is...that **** strap!! i hate it so much!! but i'll get a new one some day.i compared it with a really old unknown guitar. it was sweet, was 18 fret though and looked about 50 years old. double humbucker, nice one too. my buddy got it for $100.i wish i had a better amp to play this through. -_-, Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Reviewer:Sakura Ravenscoft. (
Post Date:08/16/1999

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