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Review for: Aria Pro II RS Inazuma
Purchase price of USD
Rating: 4.0
Comments:I have been Playing electric 6 months - a shemp and proud of it! I have strummed the acousyic for over 25 years. I play blues and blues rock. I own a Seagull S6, customized Samick LSR25 DOS and use a Crate VC 508 modified a bit (see review). I can only compare it to a Epiphone S-210 (its superior but a lot different guitar) and a Samick/Abilene LSR2DOS (its a lot better guitar thought the Samick, with a pickup change would be pretty good), all low end guitars. This won’t help anyone too much since it has been out of production for years. I will say it probably has little resale value. I actually put it in the LA area Recycler for $200 and got zero calls. Thats nuts since I would not sell it for much less and I feel its a world a way from Epi Specials and Squiers. Does anyone else own one out there???? Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Reviewer: Scott Douglas
Post Date:03/15/1999

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