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Review for: Aria PS-10 Phase Shifter
Purchase price of 15.00 USD
Rating: 4.0
Comments:I play a what would best be described as a mix of CURE & SMASHING PUMPKINS mix. Most of the songs I write are slower and the parts i play are not a lot of chords anymore more single string lines and arpeggios. I got this used as i do all other gear i own and this is a good addition to a DOD volume/wah, Crybaby wah, BOSS ME-6, and Dunlop Rotovibe. I really like this for the 2 phase option. Only wish it has stereo outs for 2 amps. I share the theory that everything can help make music and be used to write and this pedal after 5 days has contributed to at least 2 songs/ideas already. If i found another for the price i paid i would buy it again.
Reviewer: Brian
Post Date:08/08/1999

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