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Review for: Fernandes Nomad Bass
Purchase price of 599)
Rating: 4.0
Comments:This is the first Fernandes we've owned, but the bass performed so well that a Nomad guitar is already on the way. The short scale of the Nomad bass makes it very comfortable for guitarists, and it's particularly good as a composition for guitarists who want to write basslines. My wife and I both have small hands; she switches between a Fender Jazz (her "main" bass), an Ibanez SR400FL, and this. We keep the Nomad in the living room; both of us like to play it while watching TV, and just noodle with notes while we vegetate on the couch. It's also great for visiting friends, because it's self-contained and facilitates quick jam sessions--this alone makes it worth its price. Clearly, this is not a performance instrument--it's a travel/practice instrument, and as such has its own specific goals. There are a few warts, but not enough to blemish the instrument's appeal; many of the problems or nitpicks can honestly be shrugged off with, "Well, it *is* a travel bass." If you like it, it's unique; if you don't, it's a novelty. I'd call it unique. My wife loves the bass, and I can't keep my hands off it, either--it's simply fun to play (and, like a toy, fun to play with). It's useful, it's comfortable, it's portable, and it's adorable. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Reviewer: Dan Amrich
Post Date: 1999056

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