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electric pickups
Review for: Bill Lawrence XL500
Purchase price of u.s. $50
Rating: 4.0
Comments:I have a jackson ps4 with a crate gx 60 combo amp running through a boss phaser,digitech wammy wah,a crybaby wah,and i have a footswitch so i use the amp distortion the pickup is really good because when i play in my band i turn up really loud and it gets almost no feed back
For which styles and positions is this pickup (un)suitable: i mostly play metal and it suits me fine even though i play metal you could probabally use it for almost any style of music i would really like to hear what it sounds like in the neck position
if it wast destroyed i would but it again and if it were stolen i dont know why someone would just take a pickup i would probabally be minus a guitar that would suck ive been playing for 3 years i really didnt compareit with anything i just said to my self dimebag uses it so im getting it this is a good pickup especially if you play metal i just wish it was a little louder but for $50 i cant complain this pickup gives me a great sound especially when its cranked im very satisfied with this pickup but i dont think ill really get the sound i want untill i buy a stack or atleast a cab
Reviewer:i dont give out my name but if you have questions e-mail me
Post Date:07/23/1998

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