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electric pickups
Review for: Bill Lawrence L-250
Purchase price of Deutschmark 130
Rating: 2.0
Comments:Guitar--->Boss GX-700--->Marshall Valvestate combo
For which styles and positions is this pickup (un)suitable: I play Metal and the L-250 is absolutely NOT made for this (sigh). Maybe for "light" funk and blues it would be a fit. Would be perfect for "clean" ska or so...
If someone would destroy it, I might be happy , cause I can try to get the money back and buy a new pickup.I 've been playing for 5 years and had some Ibanez and Jackson guitarsand also some pickups... Yes, I wanted a pickup that's not too hot, but this thing is WEAK!I have to turn the input level on my Gx700 up to max. to get the input lamp going!! So, the L-250 is weaker than the TexMex stock pickups-I never thought that-. If you want to play metal or some music thatneeds a strong and tight pickups, DO NOT USE this pickup! It can't give you that powerful "chunk" you need for metal rhythm playing.The clean sound is okay though.Well, I get the impression that all the Lawrence pu's tend to be quiteweak. I used the XL500 in my Ibanez and it was not too convincing.Of course it was better than the L250 but...They both lacked bass and power!Now, having this pu installed and having no extra money I think i willkeep it for now. Well, i can live with it but that's absolutely not what i was searching for.
Reviewer: Karsten Proennecke
Post Date:03/15/1999

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