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electric amps
Review for: Crate VC508
Purchase price of 124 USD
Rating: 4.0
Comments:Buy this amp if you can get it under $185 and don't need to use it as more than your practice/recording amp. It rocks and will make a great Harp amp if miked. Actually, it would look really funny but miked you could use this little amp at a gig!!! It has a superb vintage sound. I'd give it a tens all the way down except for the kinda whimpy speaker. Its actually a OK for an 8 inch but people (me) try to compare it to a Blues Jr. or Pro Jr. so its not fair. If I had more money, a larger house, more sympathetic wife and needed a amp to play out with I'd get the over priced Blues Jr. For my needs the VC 508 is awesome as it came, even better with tube mod and maybe mind blowing with a bigger speaker, I hope.
Reviewer: Scott Douglas
Post Date:02/15/1999

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