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Review for:JB Junior (Single coil-sized humbucker)
Purchase price of UKú 60
Rating: 3.0
Comments:Have used with Peavey Duel, Fender Custom Vibrasonic, Laney LC15, Boss GT5 and pedals including Roger Mayer Voodoo 1 and Marshall Bluesbreaker. It did give a much smoother drive and sat quite comfortably with the other pickeups, which are very powerful themselves. No noise at all on the JB jr. Coil-tapped, it sounded not unlike a Tele to my ears.
For which styles and positions is this pickup (un)suitable: I play normal clean and slight overdrive sounds in rock music. I would say the JB Jr. covers most other bases - for example, Texas Specials are no good in the realms of Metal, which I do not frequent myself...!
Well, I put the Texas Special back in. Why? I wanted a really good-sounding Strat. This guitar from '94 pre-dates the easy availability we now have of custom shop and reissues at realistic prices - it's very similar to the current Roadhouse Strat, and sounded miles better than the US Standards and Lace Sensor guitars which were available at the time. So I wanted a Strat. The JB Jr. whilst having a quality sound is not as raw and raunchy as the Texas Specials. I don't really go into heavy overdrive, when I do, I fudge it with the GT5 - my main areas is clean or just venturing into break-up. The JB Jr. is nice, but if I wanted to go humbucking, I'd probably buy a Gibson or similar and check out a full sized JB! At the end of the day, I recommend it to make your Strat more versatile, but I decided I wanted to keep mine as a Strat, pure and simple, with 5 subtly different sounds. Might try Kinmans, though....!
Reviewer: steve whiteley
Post Date:12/18/1998

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