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electric pickups
Review for: AVn-'62 (Passive single coil)
Purchase price of 360 CAD
Rating: 4.0
Comments:modified traynor 100 watt, one side is marshall wireing the other is fender twin like with the trem and reverb cut off to give a truer sound... the pickups have the highes of a single coil that snarl and bite yet they are smoother and warmer and sustain more than the strat thing. the smoothness is a little boring if you like that muddy messy strat thing. but that is the way it is. these are a cleaned up refined version of that messy strat sound... distorted that is... clean sounds strat like. strat sound is very clean and crisp... so are these pickups... but they sustain more.
For which styles and positions is this pickup (un)suitable: tidy clean early REM style to Hendrix dirty improvised solos... yes these pickups hold their own standing up nicely to demands... they are very articulate and respond very well to a variety of pick work.
if stolen, dammaged...i like change so... but these are the best humless single coils i have tried... but again i have not tried tom andersons... i would probably try other single coils then descide what to do... which would take me way too long. too many drugs... so quit that stuff.too long... the guitar has become an third armstrats 3, tele's 3, les pauls 2, es335 1, 3 custom made by me, and a prs. and a guild s-100 (that sound garden sg guitar)hated strat hum! and stock stat bridge pickups. hated stock tele pickups hated stock les paul pickups... hated all stock pickups. too weak too distort no strength or warmth. i changed pickups in most guitars... which always improved things.chose kinman due to the reviews and they were right about what they said...i still like strat neck sound that muddy sound is too good to replace.the kinman just does not do that sound with their avn-62 i like the hx-85 in the bridge best noiseless single coil i have ever tried. the scn is good too. but again i am bridge neck guitar guy. i like the out of phase neck-middle sounds really great. last thing i like to share... Jesus is the Dude... go after him. he'll change your life, better than drugs or women or college or guitar pickups. after all he is the Dude who made us and made it possible for us to do all these things we are doing now cause he is the maker of everything we see and that which is yet to come, eternity.
Reviewer: Avery Adrian
Post Date:03/27/1999

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