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acoustic pickups
Review for: Acoustic Blender System
Purchase price of Came with guitar
Rating: 4.0
Comments:I use an SWR Strawberry Blond in band situations, and the mic is blendable. The amp produces awesome sounds. In the acoustic duo(Wax & Steel) format, I can't get any "ass" without high-end feedback when I use the mic. We use a Crown K-2, Allen & Heath 16:2, Dbx 166XL, and Dod SR231Q, run mono. The great deal about this system is it ROCKS going direct to tape. I plug it into the SWR, bypass the speaker and go direct out to the Tascam 424MKII, and the sound rivals what we get with that cool AKG two sided mic. (The attack of the Strawberry blond is remarkable.
For which styles and positions is this pickup (un)suitable: It works for me. I just need to fogure out how to get the recorded sound on stage
I wish it had for the mic. It does the trick. It's really frustrating that I can't get that nice crispy sound live that I get onto tape. Other gear? Acoustic-wise, I'm a madman. I've got an Epiphone dreadnought with a bolt-on neck, a Yamaha Dreadnought with a broken neck, Taylor 412-ce, 914-ce(L.R. Baggs dual source, nice) a Guild thin, but large-bodied acoustic-electric, Alvarez YW-1-K(gorgeous, but pingy plugged in. Great unplugged.)
Electrically, Schbaybocaster X-1(Warmoth Strat with Fender "Custom Shop" board made by Steve Spirko in N.E. Pa.), Gibson Les Paul Studio, and a funky Heavy metal-style Fender Telecaster. Electric amps: Blond Fender Bassman, 4X12 Blond Half-open Mesa Boogie cab, 70's Twin reverb(silver face), 80's Bandmaster Reverb(silver face), 2X12 fender cab, Champ 112, Boogie V-twin(love this thing!!!), Ibanez TS-9, Boss Compressor/sustainer, Ibanez multi-effects floor pedal(for delay/flange/chorus). I have a huge wish list, and suffer from G.A.S.
Reviewer: Jason Loiacono or
Post Date: 1999075

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