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acoustic amps
Review for:Fishman Acoustic Performer Pro acoustic amp
Made in 1999
Purchase price of 1150 USD in 02/1999
Rating: 5.0
Comments:Check out the Fishman website for the specs. This is one great little bundle. Small and light, especially compared to any other decent acoustic amp. It's great as a 2-channel PA for small venue or as a stage monitor (my main application). I use a B-Band pickup in each of my guitars: Martin D-35, Taylor 555 and Tacoma C1C Chief. The combination of this great amp and pickup is incredible. I couldn't ask for better reproduction of my acoustic sound. In addition, Fishman service is fantastic. My first amp developed an odd high pitched hum and when Fishman couldn't correct the problem, they replaced it with a whole new amp.
Reviewer: john bj
Post Date:03/29/2000

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