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acoustic amps
Review for: Acoustic Performer Pro
Purchase price of 1,350.00
Rating: 5.0
Comments:If this were lost or stolen, I would have to check myself into a mental institution or by another one within hours. Other than my desire that Fishman include a few other effects that are useful to acoustic musicians (chorus, better e.q., etc.), I cannot think of a single improvement I would like them to make. The amp is pricey, but there is a reason "you get what you pay for" is a cliche. As for other brands such as Crate, Trace Elliot, Marshall Acoustic Soloist, etc., the foregoing are all decent amps, but there is no comparison whatsoever. The Fishman has created its own league above the others.
Reviewer: gregory nylen
Post Date:10/19/1997

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