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Review for: DiMarzio MultiBucker
Purchase price of 69.00 USD
Rating: 4.0
Comments:I am using a cheap Ibanez RX20 and a Marshall VS65. My other guitar is an Ibanez Roadstar 2 with Tone Zone and HS-2 pickups. I wanted to try out a new sound without spending too much dough, and I am very happy with the Multibucker. Three switchable sounds in one unit makes for a very worthwhile investment. The first is the Fast Track 1 at the bridge, this sounds like a very loud Strat single coil without noise. It still has a twangy sound all over the neck. Turn the volume down and you get a nearly perfect Andy Summers tone. Next is the Chopper towards the middle. This one is punchy and noticeably louder than the Fast Track 1, with more emphasis on the low end and mids. The third combo is both in series which gives a thick, crunchy low end and middle with bright but not harsh treble response. It is even louder than the Tone Zone which is pretty full sounding itself. I was really impressed with the variety of tones possible just by flipping the toggle switch. Then try bridge and middle positions together for even more variety. My middle single coil gives a really wierd out of phase sound with the other pickups in the guitar, but I am also going to replace that eventually. The clean sounds are very distinctive, especially between the Fast Track 1 and The Chopper. The Fast Track 1 is bright and jangly as a single coil but with much more output and no noise. The Chopper is even louder, with more bass and punchy mids. The full combo is even louder with a warmer humbucker tone. All are very cool.
For which styles and positions is this pickup (un)suitable: with the three different sounds available, nearly every musical style can be covered.
My guitar is cheap but very good for a backup. The Multibucker has transformed a mediocre sounding guitar into something completely different and better. I have been playing 13 years, and I think I have found the tone I was looking for. It is not as sweet sounding for leads as the Tone Zone, but I was looking for variety anyway. I would highly recommend the Multibucker to any player wanting more variety out of a standard guitar setup. I even it on sale. Also remember to get a DPDT switch as it is not included with the pickup. I gave it a nine because nothing is perfect
Reviewer: mike
Post Date:02/23/1999

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