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Review for: DiMarzio HS3
Purchase price of USD
Rating: 3.0
Comments:as mentioned i use the ibanez radius. i pump it through a boss me-30 and a crate 50 watt amp.
For which styles and positions is this pickup (un)suitable: i really dig satriani and the rest of the dimarzio gang, dimarzio makes great pickups (whatever duncan freaks think!) i would put this in any guitar that sounds anemic, best suited for neck position though.
for days i have been contemplating shaving a hole in my axe just to put another full size humbucker in it (probably an air norton) becuase i wanted a nice nasal balance for my tone zone in the neck for a more saturated sound. originally when i wired the tone zone in i set it up in the standard H-s-s configuration (with the HS-2) and really wasnt pleased with the results. it seemed almost the same, just abit more muddy. so one night i was tinkering around with the wiring and decided to run the HS-3 with the tone zone and man was i suprised! by itself the HS-3 is kinda tubby really like a single coil should be (just more modern sounding) but in conjunction with the humbucker it bursts out with a nice compressed sweet sound that probably will save me the time of cutting a hole in and rewiring my axe. good stuff. for someone that wants that tight waily sound with alot of power this is the way to go, it gets in there and does it gritty. also, this pickup sounds great clean on its own and very nice in conjunction with the hs-2 (when driven it produces that cool steve vai flute sound). try this pickup! it gives me something in a humbucker that i dont think the fast track series or the chopper can.
Reviewer: mike reed
Post Date:09/11/1999

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