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electric pickups
Review for:DP174 Red Velvet (Passive single coil)
Purchase price of 49.99 USD
Rating: 4.0
Comments:Have 2-Roland GC-405X mini Stacks (Stereo), DOD VGS-50 Tube effects processor, Crybaby-wah. For recording also sometimes use a Marshall G15RCD, & Vox Pathfinder. "Love those little recording amps"
For which styles and positions is this pickup (un)suitable: Blues, SRV, Old Vintage Rock, Good match for Texas Blues Sound (Bridge p/u) Most be carefull matching this p/u Should use with Blue Velvets in Mid/Neck positions.
I might replace these. I have 2-Blue Velvets to go with this. I am always changing p/u's looking for my sound. I may have found it. These are good pick-ups if they are carefully matched. The output is so low that they should only be matched up with the Blue Velvets.
Reviewer: Mike
Post Date:10/16/1999

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