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electric pickups
Review for: DP100 Superdistortion (Humbucker)
Purchase price of 53.99 USD
Rating: 4.0
Comments:I'm using a Carvin guitar, Laney 50watt head, and a Carvin 4X12 cab. One Dunlop passive volume pedal, and one Dunlop Original Crybaby pedal.
For which styles and positions is this pickup (un)suitable: Great for anything from heavy blues, to hard rock and metal, to grunge.
I've recently gone through MANY pickups in this guitar searching for the right sound. Started with Carvin's(too weak) then Dimarzio Tone Zone(very good, but not hot enough) then EMG 81(HOT, but no personality) then the Duncan Invader(this thing sucks!) Invader is WAY too muddy! I've used these pickups in the past, and somehow got away from them trying all the new crap. Mistake! I'll stick with these and the Tone Zones for bridge pickups from now on. This pickup is very well defined, with a good crunch, and clear highs. The Tone Zone sounds alot like it, only not quite as hot(375mv) and a little more bass.
Reviewer: Anthony
Post Date:10/11/1999

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