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Review for: Blaze II (Passive humbucker)
Purchase price of N/
Rating: 2.0
Comments:I mainly use a Fender AS with a Seymor Duncan 59' and Lawernce L-500, pick-ups both coil taped. My Fender also has a Fishman Pizo pick-up. With the combation of the Fishman and the 2 humbuckers the tone ranges from an acoustic to vary bluesy solos. The problem with the Fender is that I can't get enough growl from it to play heavier styles like Pantera. My amp is a 120 watt, all tubed, Pevey 5150 going through a Marshell 1960A and all the FX that I use is a Wha. I bought the Ibenze hoping for a more of a Steve Vie or Dream Theater sound, but I found out after I bought the guitar that the older Blaze pick-ups have less output, hence a differnt tone.
For which styles and positions is this pickup (un)suitable: My band plays every thing but happy punk and ska. My fender does most styles and I was hoping the Ibanez could do the rest. The rest being Pantera, Tool, Metallica, Sevendust, Megadeth and so on.
If these pick-ups were stolen I would not care much because I plane on replaceing them. Seymor Duncan comes out with 7-string pick-ups in late 1999. I was thinking about geting EMG 707 but installing them requries some routering because they are in a 5-string bass casing. If some one wants to sound Korn these pick-ups are great. They are also good for people who want the individual notes not to be heard because they would like to cover up their horrible guitar ablities.
Reviewer: Jon
Post Date:08/10/1999

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