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Review for: Air Zone (Humbucker)
Purchase price of N/
Rating: 4.0
Comments:Neck:sounds extremly fat and it gets little muddy somtimes especialy on the lowE string but with ultimat warmth without alot of distortion.
Bridge: The fattest bridge sound in that output range I've ever heard, great harmonics, vey smooth, and tons of bottem end and the high notes are vey fat even though I'ts a Floyed rosed guitar, but in comparisem to the ToneZone It is not as crunchy (LACK OF CLAIRTY) which I didnt like but fatter for sure so if you have a Les Paul guitar type, stay away from it.
For which styles and positions is this pickup (un)suitable: Not ideal for country, not the best for thrash metal, very good for jazz, heavy rock, and blues,and arppegios
I would'nt recommend it unless your guitar is a swamp ash body and a maple neck and it sort of reminds me of that 80's sound, but it is a soild pickup and the biggest chords are defined and not mushy, but I still like the tone Zone better so I put it back and kept the Air Zone on the neck.
Post Date:05/31/1999

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