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electric pickups
Review for: Air Zone (Humbucker)
Purchase price of 80 USD
Rating: 4.0
Comments:Squier Strat plugged into a Marshall Valvestate 30VSR.
For which styles and positions is this pickup (un)suitable: Blues, Rock, Hard Rock. Not good for any kind of metal. Great for Blues and Rock.
If damaged, I'd probably buy it again. I currently own a Digitech RP-6 MFX processor, and a Boss BluesDriver. This pickup is a vintage version of the DiMarzio's older Tone Zone. Air zone has less gain and distortion which makes it good to play blues and rock. The special thing about this pickup is that the magnetic field is less than the regular humbuckers, so it lets the strings sustain for a longer period. Recommended to use with a compressor- sustainer. Add a good amount of distortion and use the pickups in the second position to get the kick ass crunch, blues-rock sound for solos and rhythm work. It gets a little muddy when used without distortion, but that's what all the humbuckers do. I compared this pickup to PafPro, and I thought that had too much distortion for me. 90% satisfied with this pickup.
Reviewer: BA
Post Date: 1998094

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