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electric pickups
Review for: Air Zone (Humbucker)
Purchase price of 69 USD
Rating: 4.0
Comments:Through a Crate BV120, has a lot of bite.. Distorts nicely, bar chords sound clear, not muddy... Great for pinch harmonics... Solos sound too treblely, but I don't use the pickup for lead playing...
For which styles and positions is this pickup (un)suitable: I play Thrash/Shred and I fits in great for rhythms.. I wouldn't use this in the neck pos., way to hot and would mud up... Definately a bridge pickup...
yes, I'd buy another.. It's the best sounding bridge pickup I've heard through my amp... The only problem I have is it has more midrange than what I need in some stlyes.... All in all, I got what I wanted...
Reviewer: Kenshin
Post Date:02/13/1999

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