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Review for: Air Norton (Passive humbucker)
Purchase price of Canadian 85
Rating: 4.0
Comments:Using My LG and my Peavery Rage 158 (while I rebuild my modded classic 30!) this is a nice fat pickup with great sustain and lots of punch, tends to be a bit muddy, so I have to brighten the amp a bit, or combine it with my Paf Pro (great contast between the two) Coil Cut it give sa nice punchy tone that is great for blues kind of a tele neck pickup vibe, and works amazingly with my Paf Pro... When using with LOTS of gain, it gives a great singing nasally neck pu sort of wail... combined witht he PAf, I can get lots of different tones.... Between the two, coil splitting and my volume knob, my Godin is MUCH livlier than It was before,a nd I find myself playing it quite a bit.
For which styles and positions is this pickup (un)suitable: This pickup is great for blues and classic rock, has a little more edge than most stock PU's so you can drive stuff harder, or back off the volume a notch and get a nice round blues tone... DOn't think it would work for Thrash or really heavy stuff, as that requires a thinner more scooped tone, even witht he mid cut ooon my amp, the tone is very fat!
If it were stolen I would replace it again! in combination withtis guitar and my Paf it is almost magical... I was looking for pickups with good contrast, and ability to get tele sort of sounds, which these do well... I don't think it would sound as muddy on something like an ibanez or a fender or a gibson, but since the Godin LG is solid mahogony (no maple cap to brighten it up) it has a darker tone tha most people are used to. Overall a great picup and it complements the Paf pro quite nicelyy... it is a little hotter, but soounds nice in both HB and single coil modes, I haveb een plaaaying aout 7 years and have had toonnes of gear, from ampeg amps to Kay guitars, to Ibanez to peavey to RExx amps!!! this pickup is by far my favorite, even oveer my Duncan's and Evan's
Reviewer: Dave McCulloch
Post Date:01/28/1999

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