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Review for: Dean Markley Overlord
Purchase price of 500 (FIM)
Rating: 4.0
Comments:My father got me this pedal about 4-5 years ago. I used it for a while but then I think I got the awfull Valvestate amplifier with wich it sounded absolutely horrid. Then I forgot about it. It's been lying around for all these years. And now it's hip! Yeah, good for the kind of pop we play with our band, which is... well britpop type stuff. Works well also as a gainbooster. I don't think they are made any more, actually this was the only one I've ever seen in Finland ever. If you see this pedal somewhere grab it immediatly. You might not need it but wait a few years and it might come in very usefull. The best "overdrive" type pedal I have ever tried. I have now actually had a trial between the Boss OD-1, Super OD, Danelectro Daddy-O and a Korg Toneworks pedal and this does a better job by far. Honestly, don't get the Daddy-O, if you can't find the Overlord, all the other pedals beat that though. I am going to try and change the tube someday.
Reviewer: Thomas Boyling
Post Date:10/13/1999

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