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acoustic pickups
Review for: Dean Markley SC-1 Pro Mag
Purchase price of 20 USD
Rating: 3.0
Comments:I was running this through a Peavey Classic 50w 2x12 combo. I only ocasionaly need an amplified acoustic, and I only paid $20 for the dang thing. With those two caveats in mind I find this pickup acceptable. It takes some careful tweaking to get an acceptable sound. This could be a pain for quick changes in between songs. It actually sounds better with the 12 string than the 6. For someone with needs similar to mine it is an acceptable choice.It sounds decent when playing through a mix with another guitar, bass, drums, accordian, etc. For a few dollars more you might find something better though.If the amplified acoustic thing is your primary gig, I would look elsewhere and plan on spending more money. This pickup won't cut it for solo singer/songwriter coffe house gigs.
For which styles and positions is this pickup (un)suitable: see above
I am moderately satisfied by this p/u. I don't think the list price is worth it, but most of my complaints about it are answered by the fact that I got it for $20 on the used market in new condition with a box.It is easy to get in and out of the guitar with the strings on. The pu has a 15' cord attached to it with a male plug on the end. I would have preferred a 1' or so cord with a female plug suitable for duct taping to my guitar strap. The cord is very thin and fragile looking. If you manage to break it off close to the pickup, it's all over. This pickup is sealed and there doesn't look like there is a way to get inside and solder another cord on.I give it a 3 only because of the price I paid for it. Had I paid full price I would be looking for something else.
Reviewer: David Becker
Post Date:12/27/1997

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