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acoustic pickups
Review for: Dean Markley SC-1 Pro Mag
Purchase price of 49.00 USD
Rating: 1.0
Comments:Used with the dean markley--Marshal amp --and occasionally with an ARTacoustic processor--The pro mag when used with the ARTcould sometimes be brought to a less muddy sound with full parametric eq--- periodic hum could be heard with and without the ART and was attimes unpredictable--When used with the model G fishman Acoustic preamp there was little control over the high end
For which styles and positions is this pickup (un)suitable: Fingerpick--sometimes flatpick both blues and Country (with folk styles)<christian contemporary>
Destroyed or stolen? Na--I already gave it away------I have played for more than 35 years--I am heavily into midi and have moved into roland synth with the GR 1, etc--When I play I want to hear each note and feel the sound--I play Martin D41--Takemine FP325--(used with full onboard electronics for midi work)Martin D35 and A Taylor 855 12 stringI use both marshal and Kustom columns in concert --I am frequently very close to the monitors and feedback is an issue --however,was not too bad with the pro mag--I have found that bronze strings are a little brighterwith the pro mag than phos bronze and the martin string is no different thansome of the other major brands when used with it__Humidity was a problem--don't keep the pro mag in the case with yourguitar if you have a humidifier inside-I don't believe that helped increase the life of the thingI have made comparisons of other products by mainly playing and lookingover others' set-ups. Nothing will work well in every situation.I chose the pro mag after hearing it used on another's instrument oneafternoon. It sounded good to me then, later I found out it wasn't pro-mag it was their Zh7--I also found that the promag actually damaged the finish around the tone hole(be very careful about placing it -seems easy but the foam has to be on top!!It would be nice if Dean Markley could provide some better attachment and offera shorter cord to prevent trips and less tangles--an extension could thenbe added if needed.As before--I gave it away--(mainly due to the wear I noticed oround the tonehole areafrom it)--the person I gave it to called me 3 days ago and asked if I knewhow to fix it--she said it was dead--so I told her to play taps and go buy a new onethey're not that expensive anyway.Obviously I don't want to drill holes in my D 41 or my D35 and I'm not going to do itto my taylor either so-----My suggestion is to Mic It--maybe I'll take a look atMiniflex--Perhaps the new (mini clip?)--miniflex will require the drill----Course I spent all my money on guitars and now have nothing left to buyelectronics with, so when I'm rich I'll look into the Zh7 if the tone holesituation is rectified.--Note-- just because my dean markley fell apart in less than a year on me doesn't mean yours will--I believe it'sthe best choice for the starving muscian-and some day I hope to be well fed.
Reviewer: David Steele
Post Date:11/07/1997

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