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Review for: DSD-2 Digital Sampler Delay
Purchase price of 60 USD
Rating: 5.0
Comments:Perfect for my application and budget. A more expensive unit might work exactly how I'd like, but then where would be the sense of adventure and need for ingenuity? It has a TRIG IN jack, which my friend at Roland has told me is designed to receive tempo info from Roland rhythm machines of a similar vintage. While this is of no use to me, I plan to rig up a stereo jack to accept two foot controllers: a latching switch to change the mode from REC/PLAY to PLAY (assuming I won't need the option of DELAY mode at the same time)(NB:REC/PLAY and DELAY modes are the same, except in REC/PLAY the switch is momentary and you can't set the delay/sample time lower than 0.2 sec); and a continuous pedal to control feedback level. It's a cheap beauty!
Reviewer: Steve Cooper
02 9715 6715
Post Date:07/27/1999

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