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electric amps
Review for: Crate BV6212 Blue Voodoo
Purchase price of 525.00 USD
Rating: 3.0
Comments:I'm 46 and been playing since there was a garage or basement band on every corner, I guess 35 years. I have owned alot of amps over the years, alot of them I wish I had now, all fenders. Anyway, water under the bridge, I guess all us geezers say the same thing. So, I compared this to other new amps at the time, Marshall jcm900 combos, fender devilles, peavey transtubes, the dual, and others and liked this best. I've started getting back into the blackface and early silverface fender combos lately, so I probably wouldn't buy another one, but not because it's a bad amp. Feel free to e-mail with any questions or comments. I love to talk music and equipment.
Reviewer: Robert Parrish
Post Date:04/02/1999

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