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Review for: DigiTech BP-8 Bass Processor
Purchase price of 400 USD
Rating: 2.0
Comments: I play a lot of different styles, from Incubus (the best band in the universe) to Rage to the Chili Peppers to Radiohead. I've been playing for about a year. If I lost it, I'd definitely buy something else, probably that DOD Bass30 pedal - I've only played with it once but it sounds great - or if I had the bucks I'd get separate stompbox effects. I really like it's ease to edit and basically operate, and its Jam-along-Jack feature; my biggest nags are for the distortion, phaser/flanger, envelope filter, and fretless simulator. This is actually a decent pedal. I liked the idea of a all-in-one solution for bass effects. For all intended purposes, it's made me very happy since I got it. But puuullleeaase! The unit cost me over 400 bucks, and promised "studio quality" effects. Bullsh*t! Now that other multiple bass effects processors are starting to arise from different companies, I'm sure this unit will be obsolete six month from now. Don't buy it! Get somethin' cheaper that sounds better - it shouldn't be that difficult.
Reviewer: Ryan
Post Date:12/02/1999

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