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electric amps
Review for: Crate BV50H
Made in 1996
Purchase price of Canadian 800
Rating: 5.0
Comments:I've been playing for about five years. My first and only amp (besides the Blue Voodoo) is as mentioned before a Crate GX-15. Along the way though, before deciding to get the Blue Voodoo I tried out a Marshall Valvestate, a Peavy Bandit, a Crate Vintage Club 60, and a Mesa Boogie DC-30. I chose the Voodoo because it was the best sounding amp for the money. For the price of the VIntage CLub 2 12 I got a head and a Crate 4 12, plus it sounds better than the VC. It completely blows away the Valvestate and the Bandit. The Boogie was the only real competition, but I didn't have that king of money, and the Blue Voodoo sounds 95% as good as it anyway. I would definitely but it again if it were lost/stolen. I really love the versatility of it, especially in the lead channel. Just one last thing I'd like to share. You have to get a Gripmaster. It's a liitle thing for exercising your hand muscles, and it really works!
Reviewer: Luke Callanan
Post Date:12/26/1998

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