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Review for: DigiTech 2120 VGS Artist
Purchase price of 850 USD
Rating: 4.0
Comments:I've been playing 6 years, and recording for 4. I have a lot of variety in my writing, so I figured I'd get a unit to match. As far as guitar sounds go, this seems to pretty much be the ultimate. Pretty much everything is possible with it, you just have to take the time to master it (or try anyway). If it were stolen or lost, I'd buy another one, that is, if I had enough money. I've compared it to a whole lot of products.. in fact at first I was going to buy an RP7, then an RP20, then finally I figured "hey why not" and got the best. It's definately a great unit. Technology IS a good thing, see? ehehe.
Reviewer: Richard Carey
Post Date:02/27/1999

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