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Review for: DigiTech 2120 VGS Artist
Purchase price of 1400 (Canadian)
Rating: 3.0
Comments:Despite the fact digitech designed this unit to be a complete guitar system ready for recording (with built in cabinet emulation and preamp section), this is not the case. As the top of the line product for digitech, it has many flaws. 1) There is only one input and it's located in the front. 2) The effects loop is located before the distortion. Too bad if you want your wah after the distortion. Inserting some power tube distortion (via a miked amp or thd hotplate) between the preamp and digital effects where it belongs is not possible. 3) The unit has an overkill maximun ten second delay (anybody who can actually use this let me know), but it can't record a passage for learning licks and solos. 4) No digital out. 5) Most of the effect configurations uses only one sdisc chip. Why am I paying for two chips when the unit wants me to use one most of the time? Some basic configs are also ignored. A chain using both chips in series with each one divided into half modules would seem like a logical setup but it is not available. On the plus side, the unit is excellent for digital effects. Good for guitar, bass, and even vocals. If the digitech s400 has two sdisc chips (I'm not sure if it does), then it is a better buy because the preamp section of the 2120 is useless.
Reviewer: Ed
Post Date:09/09/1999

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