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Review for: DigiTech 2112
Purchase price of 929 USD
Rating: 5.0
Comments:I play all styles and this is the coolest rig I've owned thus far, and in 26 years of playing I had a bunch of them. From a silvertone amp all the way up to a 185lb refrigerator full of black boxes and enough wire and switchcraft ends to outfit a high school. I also own a MK3 Simul-class head, A Line6 Axsys 2X12, 66 Bandmaster, Original Crate CR-1, and a SWR Basic Black. I compared this to the new Lexicon and found it to be too limited. The lexicon Sounds great but Who cares about 16 megs of reverb anyway. One really cool thing about The 2112 is that it is designed for guitarist not engineers and since it is all in one box my rack is lighter, more versatile, and has ver little cabeling in the back. It is what I have always wanted in a unit of this type. If I have one criticism, it's that it has no guitar input in the rear.....HELLO!.........
Reviewer: Scott
Post Date:06/02/1998

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