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electric amps
Review for: Yorkville Image IG-20
Purchase price of 150 CAD
Rating: 4.0
Comments:I was pretty happy with this amp and was glad that it was my first amp. I really wanted to have an amp with Reverb at the time, channel-switching, and more distortion so I traded it in for a Fender H.O.T. amp because that was all I could afford. My cousin even ended up with one of these amps and I was so surprised to see one again. It was like meeting an old friend! I'm overall pretty impressed with this little amp and it's perfect for using as a small practice amp or taking it here or there for just plain jamming & fun. Definately a happening little unit! :) - Donal Wool's GUITAR GEAR HISTORY (c) - "Home of my guitar gear collection. See what equipment I've owned through the years and what's for sale through the Internet! Looking for a back issue of a certain guitar magazine or catalog? I've got those for sale too! I include e-mail references of all past buyers to those who request it so you can feel comfortable with making a purchase from me through the Internet. ATTENTION U.S. GEAR HEADS! Looking for a certain piece of gear? I can search for that gear for you and mail it to you!
Reviewer: Don Wool
Post Date:09/22/1998

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