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Review for: Yorkville Bloc 100K Keyboard Amp
Made in 1985
Purchase price of 275.00 CAD in 05/2000
Rating: 4.0
Comments:This used amp is good value for the money. It's sturdy, and has a good clear sound. I bought it for my bass and my guitar because I have limited funds and my Fender Rad Bass 25 Watt amp wasn't loud enough to compete with the drummer and guitar player's 100 Watt amp. It has a horn (handles 5000 Hz. and up) and a 15 inch speaker, yet is small enough (21" x 17" x 12" at 40 Ib./18Kg.) to place neatly into the trunk of my little Topaz, which is already a two-thumbs-up rating ;-) . It has a limiter which can be turned on/off and a clip LED light to indicate when the output is ready to distort. the amp has 3 separate inputs; one has no tone control & the other two have bass, mid and treble knobs as well as reverb/effect-send knobs: all inputs have their own volume control. There is a Master volume control, a balanced line 1/4 inch line out jack, headphones out(speaker shuts off) jack and various send/returns. This amp is versatile and multi-purpose; it could even be used as an emergency backup P.A. for small gatherings. I use it with a multi-effects unit, so I can customize my sound further.
Reviewer: lar
Post Date:06/01/2000

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