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Review for: Crate BV120H Blue Voodoo
Made in 1995
Purchase price of 639 USD
Rating: 4.0
Comments:I've been playing for about 3 years. This is the first good rig I've ever owned. I don't own much other gear except my guitar. If it were stolen I'd be really pissed off, then I'd buy another one, or have it insured beforehand and let the insurance company replace it. I love the distorted sounds and I can't wait to try different pickups w/ it. This amp is cumbersome to transport as is the case with stacks and thats the only really annoying thing. I compared it to Marshalls, Peaveys, racks w/ preamps, and solid states with good distortion pedals. I bought it because it had all the gain I needed without any extra pedals, it's relatively inexpensive used (639 was for cab and head), it's more pleasing to look at than most amps, and it's used by Marty Friedman (which is a big vote confidence). I wouldn't add anything to this amp, I might buy some kind of effects pedal such as a haromonizer, but I wouldn't want anything else built into this amp. I'll give it an overall of 4 because it's such a good deal. Any players that want to recommend any cool tones they've gotten using this amp then drop me a line.
Reviewer: Nick
Post Date:03/28/1999

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