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acoustic amps
Review for: Trace Elliot TR40R
Purchase price of 260 USD
Rating: 5.0
Comments:I've been playing a little over 30 years. Guitars owned include a Carvin Bolt hardtail, Fender American Standard Strat, Peavey DynaBass, and Ovation Legend Ltd. Amps owned include a Mesa/Boogie Mark IIC , Peavey KB/A-60, and Peavey Envoy 110. Gear in the rack includes a DigiTech 2101 Artist, BBE 462, ADA MicroCAB, and Korg tuner. I would definitely buy it again if I could find one. I like the sound and the packaging, and haven't seen anything else like it. I love the sound, size, and portability. In the store, I compared it sound-wise to a Peavey KB/A-60 (which I also think highly of) and was surprised at its sound quality. With those little 5" speakers, you would not expect the fullness and depth this amp produces. I feel it is no worse than equal to the Peavey, although the Peavey has more tonal control and more features. This amp is ideal for personal monitoring, for those of us who plug into bigger sound systems. Despite being rated at only 40 watts, it is plenty loud for this purpose. However, this is not a very loud amp, and will not fill up the stage with sound.
Reviewer: Greg Miller
Post Date:10/06/1998

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