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Review for: Trace Elliot Acoustic Cube
Purchase price of 477 USD
Rating: 2.0
Comments:OK, had a few problems with the music store that sold it to me - Brockton Music. They said it was "new" but was in fact their floor demo. It arrived with1 inch rip in the case. They credited me $20 for this. These units are pricey! Expecially considering the low output volume. But it does sound great and is exactly what I was looking for. IMHO, most other acoustic amps (I've tried them all) sound like shit! I won't use anything with piezos in it (yuk). Trace really knows how to preamp an acoustic guitar signal. I'd probably buy it again if it was still the best solution. Overall score is supposed to be a "value" rating. On a price/performance basis I can't rate it any higher than 5. However, what it provides is completely unique and it does replace several separate units that in total cost more than it does.
Reviewer: Mike Tatro
Post Date:05/11/1998

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