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Review for: BV120RH Red Voodoo Amp Head
Purchase price of 1,400.00
Rating: 5.0
Comments:I've been playing for 23 years. For the past 13 of those, I've been using a Randall full stack, while the Randall is a very well built amplifier, and has a great sound for what it is, I had to use too many other effects to get it to sound the way I wanted it to. There was only one noteable thing about the Red Voodoo amp that I would have to say was not very desireable, and that is that the clean channel #1 was a little too bright for me. When used with a parametric EQ at the settings that I like, I have to back off all of the EQ settings to -5. But if that's all I can say bad about it, that's pretty damn good don't ya think? In my over-all opinion, with money being no factor here, this amplifier, for a lack of a better terms, kicks some series ass. If you haven't test driven this amp yet......WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? ***I have to add one thing before I go, for all of you Sammy Hagar fans out there. I marked this amplifier above as used for a good reason. This amplifier was USED and SIGNED(both the amp and the cabinet)by the "Red Rocker", Sammy Hagar himself, at the San Francisco Hard Rock Cafe' on March 23rd, during his brief nation wide Red Voodoo promotional tour. And it's all mine! :-) You can see pictures from this tour on Sammy's web site. I think it's Please feel free to email me with any questions or comments you may have. Till then, Keep on rocken!!!
Reviewer: Jay Linton
Post Date:05/25/1999

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