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Review for: GFX1000 Multi-Effects
Purchase price of 250 USD
Rating: 2.0
Comments:Well, this unit is a one trick pony. It's really a 5 effect unit (chorus, delay, flange, reverb, and "special") that goes under the guise of having 99 presets. And that's all they are...presets. There is no flexibility of sound or tonal characteristics in this unit. And for patches that offer 2 or more effects, only one of them is adjustable. Not much room for sound shaping here. It's not a bad unit for a budding guitar player looking to liven up the sound of his strat-copy guitar and 10 watt peavey amp, but beyond that its a toy. This unit was bought as a replacement of a Zoom 9000 that I burned out, and to accompany a Jim Dunlop Wah. It was bought on a whim with only sparse in-store playing. I wish I would've played it more. I probably would've gone with a DOD or DigiTech or something.
Reviewer: Pete
Post Date:11/22/1999

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