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acoustic amps
Review for: Crate CA30 Acoustic Combo
Purchase price of 280 USD
Rating: 5.0
Comments:I've been playing for about a year and a half. Not real good yet, but working on it. My guitars are a Sammy Hagar Washburn and a Squire Strat. My other amp is a Fender Frontman 15. I bought this amp because my Washburn sounds awefull through the Fender (and the Washburn costs 10 times what the Strat does). I would definately buy this amp again if stolen. I can't really say that I've found any complaints about this amp except it would be nice if I could use it for rock playing too, but that'll just take another amp. This amp is very speciallized, but it does its job very well. I compared this amp to some larger and more expensive Peavey and Fender accoustic amps, but this one sounded best. I also looked at some normal amps with clean channel and distortion, but the accoustic sound from this amp just beat everything else. I'll have to buy another amp to use for rock playing, but I won't have to worry about getting an accoustic sound from it. Like I said earlier, when I was trying this amp in the store I had several people ask me about the guitar. But this amp made the difference between the terrible sound I get from my Fender amp and the sound they were asking about in the store. For accoustic sound I highly recommend this amp. If you need an electric sound look somewhere else.
Reviewer: Ben Swain
Post Date:02/03/1999

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