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acoustic amps
Review for: Crate CA125D
Purchase price of 650 USD
Rating: 4.0
Comments:When I began my acoustic amp quest, I had every intention of buying a Fender, either the Acoustasonic SFX or their latest offering, the Acoustasonic Pro. I own a Vibrosonic Reverb from the mid-70s that I played blues through; that amp is awesome. The Fender blinders were on and my heart was set. But while playing through the Pro at the local guitar shop, another customer asked if I had played the Crate. I then set the Pro and the CA125D side by side and was stunned that the Crate was the better amp for me. Although it apparently has less power than the Acoustasonic SFX and Pro (both boasting 160 total watts compared to 125 for the Crate), the CA125D was louder than both those amps. The CA125D also more faithfully reproduced the sound of the unamplified guitar than either the Pro or the SFX and had a warmer tone. If it were lost or stolen, I'd definitely buy it again.
Reviewer: Jeff
Post Date:08/28/1999

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