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acoustic amps
Review for: Crate CA125D
Purchase price of 300 USD
Rating: 4.0
Comments:I've been playing guitar, mandolin, and banjo for 25 years. Mostly acoustic. Until the last year or so I've either just mic'd the instruments, plugged into the PA either directly or through a preamp or pedal, or some combination of a mic and direct line to the PA. I bought the CA125D used about a year ago over the internet. I viewed several detail photos and had a guarantee that I could return it if everything didn't work or if it was not as represented. It had very minor scratches/tears in the tolex and I concluded I could find a manual or figure out how to operate it. I use it on gigs occaisionally only because it's yet another piece of gear to carry (it is heavy at ~40 lbs) and stage space is sometimes limited. I tend to leave it home when playing the smaller venues when we don't need to push a lot of volume. We put 3 voices and 3 instruments through a 300 watt Yamaha PA/mixer and the sound gets pretty muddy at higher volumes. The CA125D gets used the most in my studio for practice and recording. I mic the speaker and also take a signal from the line out channel at the back of the unit for two separate tracks in addition to micing the acoustic instrument itself on its own track. Each has its own unique color that I can combine or blend in and out of the song. I also have a Crate GX120 that performs like a champ. Nice clean sound and plenty of volume (120 watts through one 12 inch). I use the GX120 in the studio with electric guitar and keyboard. Would I get another one? Probably. I haven't played the Fender acoustic series so I'd want to check them out. I'm very pleased with this unit. Great acoustic sound reproduction, plenty of volume, and the basic effects you might use with acoustic instruments.
Reviewer: Jim Dunbar
Post Date:12/11/1999

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