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acoustic amps
Review for: SWR Strawberry Blonde
Purchase price of 479 USD
Rating: 4.0
Comments:Playing since 1960. Had 'em all. Got sick of hearing myself distorted, so why put up with tubes (though I've always been a "tube" guy)? Wanted versatility of two SS amps for stereo processors, etc. These work great for me. The California Blonde has a 12" and an XLR input for one of its channels, but I wanted some stereo separation, and these are lighter. Getting these was a reaction to getting disgusted with my electric guitar sound and going acoustic, but the Les Paul Jr. works good through these too. I suppose I'll eventually get a stomp fuzz for the LP, but not for a while. I'm into clean sounds, presently. I wanted something reliable and good sounding, like a Walter Woods and a small cabinet or something. These fit the bill for me. I sometimes use a small (8 ohm) extension speaker, and may buy the SWR extension or powered ext. cabinet in the future. I'm sold on these. SWR makes a lot of Bass rigs, but I hope they'll keep extending into the guitar market some more. A 12" Strawberry Blonde with an XLR input added (even if it just switched off with the 1/4" in the single channel) would be the PERFECT amp for my kinda use! This is High Fidelity stuff!
Reviewer: SteveYetter
Post Date:12/12/1999

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