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electric amps
Review for: Sovtek Mig 60
Purchase price of 600 USD
Rating: 4.0
Comments:I've been playing for 16 years and started with a Gorilla amp, then a Kustom, A Crate Stack, A Marshall JCM 800 stack, a Fender Deluxe, a Roland Blues Cube(I don't know why either), a bunch of those funky million in one sounds amps, and the Sovtek kicks the crap outta most of them. The new tube modeling amps are intriguing, but when it comes to live performance, I'm in a band with another guitarist just HAS to be louder than anyone on the stage, and his little Fender $1200 dollar combo and Marshall bottom are ECLIPSED by my cheap ass Sovtek, so if you hate your rythm guitarist, neighbor, landlord or entire town, buy this, roll both volume knons to ten and take shelter and then watch with glee as small animals burst into tiny fuzzy bits and the elderly's bones shatter!!! Then again, if you want to have a little bit of both world, Bone Shattering and CRYSTAL CLEAR CLEAN, this ain't gonna cut it. Outstanding value, though, so you can always buy another head and run them in tandem. VISIT MY BANDS WEBSITE AT WWW.IMMORTALALICE.COM
Reviewer: Jim Reilly
Post Date:09/28/1999

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