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Review for: Sovtek Mig 50
Purchase price of Australian. $800
Rating: 5.0
Comments:I have been playing for 18 months, and this is my first really serious amp. I am very glad that i managed to get it for such a good price, and that i got turned onto a Sovtek in the first place. I compared it with an Ampeg Superjet, a Peavey Ultra 112, a Marshall VS100, a Fender Deluxe 40 watt, a Marshall JTM-60, and a JCM-600. Personally I think it blew them all into the weeds, with the exception of the Ampeg, which i would have bought, as it sounds as good, and has a gorgeous Reverb, but was also $400 more. I am totally stoked about it. With a second hand Quad for $195, I managed to get a setup that will last me forever for two beers short of a grand. My advice is go with Sovtek. They say they are a rip-off of Marshall amps, but i think they shit all over Marshalls. If you want a great-sounding, no frills Valve amp, get yourself a Sovtek. Its an absolute fucking cracker.
Reviewer: Stew
Post Date:07/14/1998

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