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electric amps
Review for: Sovtek Mig 50
Purchase price of 500 USD
Rating: 5.0
Comments:I play my amp on a daily basis in my band SAFE SOFT MISSILES and i use a Peavey falcon classic guitar (the USA built one) run through a crybaby wahwah, Ibanez tubescreamer ts 10, proco Rat and a boss tremolo and I had to borrow a MesaBoogie for a gig when the Sotek were being serviced and knowing the boogie is a high quality amp i am really impressed with the sovtek mig 50 as i missed it much during that gig. I have to say i would run to the store to bye a new one if i would seperated from my amp. Ok so there is no high gain chanel or master volume and no fx loop but it suites me fine and i think any blues, rotrock, jazz, r'n'n player can benefit from the SOVTEK MIG50. and it's cheap to!
Reviewer: Erik Holk
Post Date:10/19/1998

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