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Review for: Roland VG-8
Purchase price of Canadian 1900 300 for pick-up
Rating: 3.0
Comments:I play pop/rock music. I've been playing about 8 years. I owned mine for about 4 months. It seemed like everyone said it was great once you spent some time with it. It wasn't. I sold it and learned a hard lesson. Like I said, I think it's more appropriate for country and blues than for rock. I should warn you - there is a VG-8 website on the net that seems a little "too positive". I once wrote-in some negative comments about the VG-8 and they weren't put up due to "technical difficulities". Yeah, whatever. Try and find someone really dissing the VG-8 at this site and I don't think you'll find it. There's something fishy here. I don't belive I'm the only one who thinks it doesn't live up to the hype. Try before you buy and if you don't like it, trust your ears. It doesn't sound THAT much better when you program it. Oh yeah, I'm also a big freak and I have no friends and my butt smells like the circus and I like to smell my own butt, and I like Dave Matthews Band the best.
Reviewer: joel lucas
Post Date:07/15/1999

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