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Review for: Roland GP-8
Purchase price of N/A used
Rating: 5.0
Comments:I love it. As I said, the compressor is noisy at higher settings, but I do use a little in simulating the sound KT88 power-tubes, it still is super-quiet. Nothing digital is anywhere nearly this good, even later Roland GP-series processors. While it doesn't have a reverb, the delay can be set to simulate one so well that it's impossible to tell the difference (Eric Johnson, who can tell by the sound what brand of batteries are in his effect pedals probably couldn't tell it's not a real reverb). Although currently I use it only for power-tube simulation, both recording and live (and as I said, it IS better-sounding than the real thing), I wouls gladly use it any day for distortion or effects. It has any amazing warmth and vintage tone, and even if you're doing something crazy like cranking the delay and pahser all the way up, it still sounds natural. As I said, while really high-end processors are more versatile, none equal this in terms of quality.
Reviewer: Tanis Rafter
Post Date:11/15/1998

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