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Review for: Roland GP-8
Purchase price of 1200 (FIM (about 200 $)) used
Rating: 4.0
Comments:IŽve been playing for six years now. Mostly extreme metal, getting more and more technical. This unit was not built for this kind of music (hell, this music didnŽt even exist when the GP-8 came out) so I use it mainly for chorus, delay, phasing, flanging and a bit of eq. My buddies and me have a small home studio where we tape our own (and other peoples) music. This unit has been used for guitar, vocals and bass and the result has always been satisfactory. If it were stolen I think IŽd buy it again (provided someone is willing to sell) mainly because of the fact that IŽd probably end up paying more for a bunch of pedals which arenŽt that good anyway. I wish the parameter increments would be shown in "real life" terms, for example, the eq goes from -50 to 50. 50 what? It would have been better to know which frequency range youŽre adjusting and how many decibels youŽre knocking on or off.
Reviewer: Tero Rinne
Post Date:11/30/1999

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